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  1. China Buying Office

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    United World Trade International Co. is committed to providing importers, wholesalers and retailers with professional and quality service. Every order is inspected during loading and we provide shipment monitoring. To ensure our customers are happy, we check and/or test the materials as they are produced, check them after production and then inspect the packaging to ensure products are packaged properly and in the correct quantity.

    Some of the features we offer when you visit our web site, you will find that it is easy to navigate. You can search products and enquiry pricing information. You can also request samples. If you have a design, we will help you to create samples from your design. United World Trade International Co. also offers:

    • * Invitation letter service.
    • * Hotel booking and check in.
    • * Airport pick up and drop off.
    • * We will organize a schedule for you to visit potential manufacturers, wholesalers and     suppliers.
    • * Conference to discuss market protection, product specifications, payment terms and  packaging specifications.
    • * We guarantee to follow the production schedule we set up.
    • * Product inspection/quality control.
    • * We will consolidate goods from different suppliers to save you money on production   costs.