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  1. Inspection and Quality Control

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    United World Trade International Co. has an independent quality control team that is certified and licensed. We use this team to inspect your orders, whether you have your product developed in China or you import products from China. We ensure your interests are protected when you import products from other countries.

    Because our inspection and quality control service uses international standards to ensure all products are safe, we also ensure that all regulatory requirements are met and that your products are of the highest quality.




    Detail Services:

    Pre-Shipment Inspection Control

    When your production reaches the 20 or 50 percent, United World Trade International Co. completes a pre-shipment inspection of random units from all of the batches of your order. This gives you a final opportunity to request corrections before the product is completed and packed for shipping.

    This also reduces risk as it ensures your product is what you expected and meets your specifications before you make the final payment on your order. Inspections include performance, functionality, appearance, durability and size.

    Factory Product Monitoring

    You can request that an inspector monitor the production of a particularly sensitive or challenging order every day, allowing you time to identify problems with your order and fix any issues right away. An inspector keeps the factory accountable because the inspections are done on site and can be done every day. Another benefit of factory product monitoring is that it puts you in control of the process. You can ensure that your production is on schedule and the quality of the goods and work, including materials used, is what you expect and require.

    During-Production Check Control

    When 20 percent of your production is completed and packed for shipping, you can request a during-production check control. An inspector selects random units from all completed batches to ensure the factory is abiding by your original specifications and material usage. This process finds issues early in the process, so it allows you to fix any problems before more products are produced. This saves you money as you catch mistakes or poor quality quickly.

    Initial Production Check Control

    United World Trade International’s inspectors will do an initial production check control. This process ensures that the factory understands your product specifications and scheduling requirements. An inspector inspects the factory before your production run starts and continues inspecting the process until 10 percent of the production has been completed. Factory inspection includes inspection of the machinery and the products used to produce your product. This inspection helps to avoid poor quality of your product.