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  1. Small Quantities for Entrepreneurs

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    Previously, purchasing something on the international market was difficult at best. Our company provides a liaison between you and the factory, which allows you to easily import goods in small quantities.
    When you use United World Trade International Co., you eliminate the hassles of purchasing goods from international factories, including delivery arrangement, transportation, warehousing, language barriers and learning complicated export procedures. Now you can have peace of mind because we provide the best service, your order is guaranteed to be delivered on time and in perfect shape.
    With the ability to purchase goods from Chinese factories, you can be competitive with your pricing and can even add more products to your line. Previously, wholesale products were restricted to high-volume buyers who flew to China to attend trade shows. Our service removes the expense of having to travel to international trade shows. Our service also allows you to purchase products with flexible quantity restrictions so you don’t have to purchase large orders of one product.